PULL! New trap shooting team slated for Southern Arkansas University - Team being recruited now

Do you know someone who's headed to college who loves to shoot competitively. Well, the new trap shooting team at Southern Arkansas University might be for them.

Trap shooting is one of the three areas of clay pigeon shooting. It differs from the other two (skeet shooting and sporting clays) because the targets launch from a single machine - usually away from the shooter.

SAU is very committed to eSports that ramp up engagement and excitement among existing and prospective students. The popular university already has a bass fishing team and a disc golf team. For trap shooting, the university is also putting its money where its mouth is, because they are beginning to raise money for a trap shooting range facility (see photo below).
According to SAU: "It will be the first facility of its kind in the state on a university campus south of Little Rock. The facility will feature a clubhouse with restrooms and storage, and three shooting ranges each consisting of five concrete lanes with high and low skeet houses."

The new facility would be home to the SAU trap shooting team and to local high school trap shooting teams. As a side benefit, the project will provide economic development opportunities. For instance, the facility will begin to host regional and state shooting competitions (and practices). And it could eventually offer community memberships.

The proposed location for the trap shooting facility is on SAU's Governor Ben T. Laney Farm. It will boast a clubhouse with storage and restrooms along with three shooting ranges made up of five concrete lanes with high and low skeet houses. The university will participate and compete in the Association of College Unions International (ACUI) Collegiate Clay Targeting Program.

Popularity for trap shooting among high school and college students has never been higher. So get ready to hearing the famous word "PULL!" It's coming to SAU, and we can't wait.